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Research Project

Vot No.Title Grant Role Start Date Due Date Status
 304_PELECT_6315032 Investigation of Dielectric Properties of Vegetable Based Oil and Their Influence on Kraft Paper Performance Due to The Present of Moisture in Power Transformer Insulation Oil Immersed in The OilsRESEARCH UNIVERSITY GRANT/ SHORT TERM GRANT (USM)Project Leader 01/01/201731/03/2019 Active 
(RM 50,000.00)
A Novel Transformer Fault Diagnosis Method using Dielectric Response Techniques Research University Grant Tier 1 (GUP)Project Leader01/05/201531/10/2016 Completed 
(RM 130,000.00)
Correlation Study Between Physicochemical Property Changes With Breakdown Voltage Level of Palm-Based Power Transformer Insulation Oils at Difference Moisture LevelsFundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS)Project Leader01/07/201430/06/2016 Completed
(RM 20,000.00)

On-Line Mineral Oil-Filled Transformer Overload Monitoring SystemResearch University Grant Tier 1 (GUP)Project Leader01/07/201430/06/2015Completed
(RM 63,100.00)
Development Of Hybrid-DGA Interpretation System For Power Transformer Condition MonitoringE-Sciences  (MOSTI)Project Leader01/03/201429/02/2016Completed
(RM 120,591.00)
Moisture in kraft-paper characteristic study for palm oil-based-paper insulated transformersResearch University Grant Tier 1 (GUP)Project Leader01/12/201230/11/2014Completed
(RM 94,000.00)
Development of  Metal Particles Detector For High Voltage Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)Prototype Research Grant Scheme (PRGS)Project Leader01/08/201231/07/2014Completed
(RM 150,000.00)
Investigation of Faults Signiture Based On Polarizatioan and   Depolarization Current Pattern for Power Transformer Insulation OilExploratory Research Grant Scheme (ERGS)Project Leader01/08/201131/07/2013Completed
(RM 50,000.00)
Development Of Labview-Matlab System For Polarization And Depolarization Current Measurement And AnalysisResearch University Grant Tier 2 (GUP)Project Leader01/05/201230/04/2013Completed
(RM 40,000.00)
Particle Detection In Gas Insulated SwitchgearResearch University Grant Tier 2 (GUP)Project Leader01/04/2011 31/03/2012Completed
 77300Condition Monitoring Of Biodegradable Oil-Filled Transformers Using Polarization  And Depolarization Current (PDC)  Measurement TechniqueUTM Short Term Research GrantProject Leader15/12/200931/12/2011Completed